The Ethos Group

The Ethos Group, which started in January 2015, helps us all to understand and live out the Christian values of our school, especially the 'fruit' of God's Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  The group members have been busy so far with the following projects in school:

Fruit of the Spirit collective worship and hall display

The first Ethos Group created a beautiful display in the hall which reminds us of the fruits of the spirit, and planned and led a time of worship where they started to help us on our journey of understanding what it means to put these qualities into action in our lives. The song helps us remember them all of by heart! In 2018, the school community chose the first three 'fruits' - love, joy & peace - as our main, core values and the Y6 children worked with a local Christian artist to make three wonderful canvases which hang proudly on the walls of our hall to remind us to live these values out.

 Lent projects.

Instead of 'giving something up' for Lent, members of the school community are always encouraged to 'give something out' instead; to do something kind and generous. For several years, we have taken part in the 40xts project where every day, for 40 days leading up to Easter, a new 'act of kindness' challenge is chosen by each class. In 2019, we are joining with the Christian Aid Rise Up! Lent project instead - learning about global issues and doing what we can against climate change and climate poverty.

Roots & Fruits Collective Worship.

Every week, we enjoy a 'Roots & Fruits' Collective Worship and the Ethos group sometimes take part and help to organise it. Recent themes, which last half a term each, have been FRIENDSHIP, RESPECT, GENEROSITY, TRUTHFULNESS, COMPASSION, COURAGE and JUSTICE.

Operation Christmas Child - the Shoebox Appeal

The Ethos group coordinates this fun outreach project where families in school and the parish are encouraged to pack boxes to be sent to children in difficult circumstances, like war-torn countries, all over the world.

Stoke-on-Trent Food Bank.

The Ethos Group organises a collection of food in our school for one month each year which Keith Stubbs takes to the food bank in a needy area of Stoke. This link with us started when KS2 children visited the huge food bank to see it in action, in 2015, on their way to a visit at the Sikh Temple.

Love Romania

In October 2018, Bosley school, chapel and church all raised money to buy equipment and supplies for Mrs Mortishire-Smith to take on a work-party trip to a school for autistic children in Romania. We were able to send a suitcase jam-packed with kid's kindle ipads, sensory toys, puzzles & games, art materials and musical instruments to equip therapy rooms. The rooms and corridors were also decorated and newly furnished by the UK team during their week there. This is not the first time that we have supported a Christian charity in Romania - until last year, we also supported the Congleton House Romanian orphanage.

Quiet Garden

Our Quiet Garden was finished, after many months of planning, with the kind help of parents and grandparents and sponsorship from the PTA, Bosley Bobkins and the Bosley Disaster Relief Fund.  We made special remembrance reflection 'stations' and invited all our visitors back after the special 100-year anniversary Remembrance Service in church. Vicar John opened the garden and we prayed that it would be a blessing for anyone who wants to enjoy its peace and quiet. The Ethos Group look after the garden and we also encourage wildlife to enjoy it too.

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