Pet Show

We had a great evening at Lakeside with many residents joining children from the school to enter into the Bosley pet show. There were over 15 dogs, 1 bird, 1 guinea pig and a 'fish'.

Opposite there are pictures of some of the entrants and winners.

The categories were:-

1. Longest tail.- Jango and Andrew

2. Best 6 legs- Podge and Rebecca

3. Bad hair day.- the Guinea Pig and Hollie

4. Most glamorous- Scooby and Kieran

5. Best sausage catcher.-Pippa and Kimberley

6. Best veteran-must be over 8 years.- Domino and Susannah

7. Cutest - George the bird and Fern

8. Best trick.-Pippa and Andrew

9. Longest ears- Beanie and Oscar and Theo

10. Shiniest coat- CoCo and Charlie and Laura.

11. Fancy dress. Jango and Andrew

12. Best puppy-CoCo and Rhys and Zach

13. Best decorated lead/cage/animal- the bird and Fern

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