Reception 2021 - 2022

Mrs Hadfield

Miss Forbes

Welcome to Reception Class!

We are part of Class 1 with our own dedicated learning area.  Sometimes we work as a Reception class and sometimes we join in with our friends in Year 1 and 2.  We all love coming to school and are very eager to learn lots of new things. We love to explore and there are lots of things inside and outside of the classroom to help us learn, develop and grow.

Who helps us?

Mrs Hadfield and Miss Forbes are our teacher and teaching assistant.  They work hard to plan exciting activities for us, often based on what we are interested in.  They watch us very carefully and help us to grow and learn ready for Year 1. We learn through the Early Years Curriculum (EYFS) and they use Development Matters to track our progress through the year.

We like our learning to be fun, active and interesting.  Even though it may seem like we’re playing sometimes, we are actually having lots of great experiences that are the foundation of all our future learning. Most importantly, our families help us at home. They can see us using what we have learnt during school time at home and help us even more.

What do we do in Reception?

In Reception we learn through play as well as being guided by our helpful adults, so our part of the classroom looks different from the rest.  It is split into different areas such as a role play where we can pretend to be different people;  construction where we build and make with different materials; a reading corner  which is quite and we can read our favourite books by our favourite authors and a computer zone in which we learn all about different things and learn different skills.  Added to that we have lots of different challenges that involve maths, mark making, investigating and creating.  We also have our own dedicated outside area that our teachers are working very hard to improve all the time.

Mrs Hadfield and Miss Forbes regularly update Tapestry, our online learning journey, so our families can see everything we are doing in school.  We have phonics everyday (please see here for some more information) as well as maths and literacy.  In maths we are counting, making patterns, learning about shapes, and developing our number sense.  In literacy we are giving meaning to our marks so that we will write super sentences by the end of the year.

How do we know we are learning? 

We talk about what we have learnt all the time and our teachers watch us very closely. They take lots of pictures and makes lots of notes about all the different and new things we do. They call this our learning journey and all the information is stored on Tapestry where it is kept very safe (there is a user guide at the bottom of the page). They use this to track our steps in new learning and it is a great way for our families to see exactly what we do every day.


Working From Home

Our working from home resource page can be accessed here.

You can find resources to help with mental health and well-being here.


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